Experienced. Disciplined. Motivated.
Experienced. Disciplined. Motivated.


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Andrew Zonca
Andrew Zonca
  • Location
    Grand Rapids, MI
  • Major
    Information Technology
  • Minor
    Information Systems
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  • Experience
    5+ Years
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22 +
accredited certifications
14 +
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Andrew Zonca is an adept IT professional with a strong focus on virtual machine setup for various technical domains, including ethical hacking and malware analysis. His experience encompasses roles in desktop support, server team internships, and IT volunteering, demonstrating a solid foundation in technology infrastructure and security. Zonca's education is supplemented by numerous certifications in security, networking, and virtualization.

My Skills
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Virtual Machine Setup

Expertise in setting up and managing various types of virtual machines, catering to different technical needs like ethical hacking, malware analysis, and Linux systems, showcasing his versatility in creating and maintaining diverse IT environments.

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Security and Privacy Policy

Demonstrated his capability in enhancing security and privacy protocols by identifying and rectifying outdated student technology privacy policies at GVSU, highlighting his attention to detail and commitment to data protection.

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Malware Analysis

Developed a keen ability in malware analysis, as evidenced by his creation of a detailed malware datatable. This skill reflects his proficiency in identifying and understanding security threats, essential in maintaining system integrity and security.

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Communication and Leadership

Role as an IT Team Lead for a WordPress app deployment project showcases his strong communication skills and ability to lead a team effectively, ensuring successful project completion and stakeholder satisfaction.

Thermo King: IT Administrator
Jan. 2024 - Present

Updated virtual machines, replacing level 2 switch to level 3, network mapping, restoring backups,
communicating with vendors, investigating malware infections, running network cable.

Lake Michigan Credit Union: Server Team Intern
May. 2023 - Sept. 2023

Identified old machines/servers for removal in active directory, creating documentation, remote patching,
implemented remediation from a network pentest.

Grand Valley State IT: Desktop support
May. 2021 - Jan. 2022

Delivered technology at to all West Michigan GVSU campuses, imaging computers, troubleshooting
problems, filling out transfer slips for inventory, setting up normal and socially distanced labs, training new hires on practices.

Words of Hope: IT Team Lead
Oct. 2023 - Dec. 2023

Lead a team to help with deployment of an WordPress based app on both Android and IOS platforms
globally. Integrated mobile notifications created documentation, presented to stakeholders.

Grand Rapids Catholic Central: IT Volunteer
May. 2022 - Aug. 2022

Assisted in upgrading and maintaining IT infrastructure for the upcoming school year, running cable
from classroom to classroom, helped image and deploy a new fleet of iPads.

GeniusCPR: Hybrid Technician
Oct. 2018 - Jul. 2019

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